Commercially available technologies have progressed to allow tactical operators to achieve situational awareness using visual, audio and haptic feedback beyond visual cues alone. PAR Government employs user-centric design to lead the development of 3-D visualization, full motion video viewing and route planning through navigation based Augmented Reality (AR).

PAR Government developed an Augmented Reality System for Navigation (ARES-N). Through a contract with the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO) Tactical Operations Support (TOS) office, PAR Government developed and delivered an enhanced AR capability that provides a heads-up display capability for turn by turn directions that can be run on most Android devices. The capability interfaces and translates the 2D world of ATAK into an immersive AR experience for users to navigate the world around them.

ATAK AR-Overlay:

PAR Government has pioneered the way in which end-users experience full motion video (FMV) to include Motion Imagery Standards Board (MISB) compliant Key Length Value (KLV) data embedded video. Adding to that visualization is the recent development of an AR Overlay for ATAK whereby users can see their 2D ATAK markers visualized with an AR Overlay in their FMV.