Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence gives computers the capability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Instead, they are trained to perform a task using massive amounts of data. PAR Government’s expertise is growing in data collection, curation and annotation capabilities.

Some examples of data and applications that PAR Government has worked with include:

  • Object recognition from imagery, video, radar and LiDAR sources
  • Generation of data used for mission rehearsal
  • Situational monitoring and anticipating events
  • Hardware control such as autonomous vehicles and equipment
  • User-centric Common Operating Pictures
Human-Machine Teaming:

This technical focus area is at the nexus of humans and semi-autonomous machines that support their operations. Technologies are aimed at remotely piloted vehicles, autonomous vehicles, automated intelligence analytics, etc. It is an exploration of cognition and perception, machine learning, autonomy, user interfaces, communication, planning and scheduling.

Data Science:

AI/ML and data analytics in operations and intelligence systems have increased the profile of data oversight functions in DOD and the intelligence community. Huge volumes of heterogenous, multi-modal data must be quickly characterized and data sets created to train and test automated systems, and information architectures must be developed to ensure derived products are in compliance with data governance requirements.

Media Forensics:

PAR Government's Media Forensics team looks into the detection of “fake news” and other misinformation intended to manipulate public opinion or damage a reputation.