From emergency follow-me features to a flexible architecture, the PAR sUAS Tool is operator focused and grounded in usability, from the display of metadata to the inclusion of correct buttonology in the user interface.

PAR Government is accelerating research and development initiatives with small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) integration to include Counter-sUAS applications. PAR Government excels at opportunities that include flight testing, engineering, system testing and solutions for control and management of sensor data. PAR Government is also performing research and development with Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV).

There are a wide range of differing sUAS (drones), ground control stations, and flight control software applications with user training required for each system. Users require a common UI/Ux for ease of use and commonality of drone integration, PAR provides this solution.

The PAR sUAS Tool delivers a consistent user experience with form, fit and function for drone integration into ecosystems like TAK providing a common operational picture (COP). The sUAS Tool is a plug-in that provides a networking capability to integrate Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) for enhanced Situational Awareness (SA), Full Motion Video (FMV) processing and tasking capabilities.

Software Defined Radio


PAR Government has experience in Software Defined Radio (SDR) hardware and software, sUAS communication protocols and open source solutions such as GNU radio. PAR Government provides a competitive edge for integrating valued information into a common operating picture.

Counter sUAS:


PAR Government is tackling the challenging and ever-growing problem-set associated with Counter sUAS. PAR Government has worked on solutions for detection, recognition and identification sUAS.


By combining the power of moving map capabilities with the metadata from the ground control station (GCS), the PAR sUAS Tool provides a robust solution for enhancing standalone flight data. Given the raw height above launch from the ground control station, the sUAS Tool calculates the elevation in AGL with higher fidelity by using DTED Level-2 type data. Users receive a more accurate representation of the drone’s flight data and its position in time and space. For precision geolocation and damage assessment, users are provided a slant target range and bearing and an augmented reality visualization of the battlespace’s grid reference graphic (GRG). Reconnaissance imagery is provided fast and efficiently with a single button press to drop imagery onto the moving map with an added visualize of data.

C2 Gimbal Camera & Drone:

The sUAS Tool allows users to locally or remotely slew-n-cue gimbals, waypoints, orbit points, and complex routes over a network for disparate drones. Users can even plug in manual controller joysticks for MAVLink platforms or program the buttons on a DJI controller.


The sUAS Tool provides an enhanced FMV capability to process video streams from many different sources by providing demultiplexing and decoding of Key Length Value (KLV) metadata. Furthermore, the sUAS Tool provides a restreaming capability for end user devices (such as the Samsung TE S9 & S20) supporting integration of video streaming services/servers (VMS) for beyond line of sight (BLOS) or local multicast streaming.