Data Replay:

PAR Government’s Data Replay capability provides an easy recording function to capture all Cursor on Target (CoT) traffic and map movements during a mission for dynamic playback or for lessons learned during the after-action report.

Tree View Overlay Manager:

The Tree Overlay capability allows users to view and manipulate an overlay manager in a tree-view / file explorer. Users can better keep track of data and their nested overlay manager categories.

End User Device (EUD) Provisioning:

PAR Government’s Android EUD Provisioning capability allows TAK users to receive out-of-the-box, provisioned Android mobile devices with a tactical edition ROM installed and licensed along with support for the integration with tactical radio devices.

FMV Viewing:

PAR Government has pioneered software solutions in which users can view and interact with Motion Imagery Standards Board (MISB) compliant Key Length Value (KLV) data embedded in full motion video (FMV) streams.

Open Source Computing:

PAR Government supports the US DoD with projects such as ATAK-Civ which is a public domain open source solution. PAR Government continues to excel in systems development initiatives to include mobile development of full motion video/geospatial solutioning.

Plug-in Development:

PAR Government is instrumental in the support and management of the TAK plug-in architecture and PAR continues to help refine TAK extensibility. The plug-in architectures for ATAK and WinTAK make it easy for 3rd parties to enhance and extend the core product for end users to tailor TAK to meet their specific use case. The PAR Government team was instrumental in the initial development of the plug-in architecture and continues to help refine the capability under current funded efforts today.

Hardware Integration:

Both ATAK and WinTAK take a network agnostic (and vendor agnostic) approach to real-time collaboration. Both ATAK and WinTAK are capable of interacting with networks where connectivity is sparse. PAR Government's TE-Enabler, an Android App, runs alongside mobile SA Apps like ATAK to provide a comprehensive view of the battlespace. The integrated solution supports interoperability of peripherals with that the Samsung Tactical Edition Galaxy S9 and S20 mobile devices. The PAR solution integrates tactical radios and sensor controls for video sources, even if they don’t share a common network.

TeamConnect- Sit(x)™ :

TeamConnect- Sit(x)™ is a SaaS solution hosted in the FedRAMP compliant Amazon GovCloud that delivers next generation TAK Server capabilities. It supports federation with GOTS TAK Servers and provides an intuitive user experience allowing organizations to sign up and deploy in minutes.

PAR's History with Situational Awareness

2010 - 2011

The PAR Government team was involved with shaping the original ATAK product as part of an Air Force Research Laboratory effort beginning in 2010. This development was the original concept for a solution now called ATAK. The solution was a mobile android device application for mission planners operating in environments without connectivity. The PAR Government team began contributing our expertise in the area of geospatial image processing to help provide data to a disconnected mapping engine.


The PAR Government team was involved with bringing network connectivity to the ATAK product and started exploring how to interface Android handsets and tablets with tactical radios.


As the user base for ATAK started to grow, the need for a more sophisticated map rendering engine was brought to the forefront. The PAR Government team drew from our deep knowledge of processing geospatial imagery to develop a solution that rendered file based and streaming geospatial products to the Android device without requiring external processing.


With the advent of a collaboration capability inside of ATAK, the number of tools centering around connected work began to skyrocket. Additionally, the need to interoperate with other systems on a tactical network increased at the same time. To help make ATAK more extensible and more interoperable, the PAR Government team played a key role in developing the plug-in architecture for ATAK.


The ATAK application with mission planning capabilities for mobile users was extended to a PC architecture with a keyboard/mouse and larger screen real estate. The PAR team began development of the Windows Tactical Assault Kit (WinTAK) to bring the PC based capability online that would match capabilities with ATAK.

2016 - 2017

In 2016, with the advent of the WinTAK application, the PAR Government team developed a cross platform environment to share business logic between the ATAK and WinTAK products. During this same year the PAR Government team used the cross- platform environment to develop the iOS Tactical Assault Kit (iTAK).


PAR Government works with SAMSUNG to deliver a commercial based Tactical S9 solution. PAR Government also focused on developing an sUAS Toolkit plug-in for TAK.


PAR Government extends TAK Navigation capabilities and enhanced the sUAS plug-ins.

2020 - Present

PAR Government partners with SAMSUNG to deliver S20 commercial Tactical Edition with PAR Gov’s TE Enabler while continuing development of TAK Plug-ins.